Everything You Need to Know About Turner and Hooch

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Turner and Hooch is one of the most popular dog films of the modern era, if not all time! The film tells the story of a police investigator named Scott Turner (played by Tom Hanks) who becomes the owner of a large dog named Hooch after the murder of his owner, which the dog witnessed. Turner, who longs to leave his small town for the big city, wants to take on the murder invesigtation because he believes it will help him get a job in Sacramento. Turner, who believes that Hooch is the only witness to the murder, takes him home and finds his life turned upside down because of the large, clumsy but loveable dog.

Hooch’s real name was Beasley
The dog actor who played Hooch was really named Beasley. Beasley was a French mastiff; French mastiffs are an old French breed that have been used for work since the 15th century. French mastiffs are very intelligent and are often used in films due to their ability to learn tricks and commands quickly. Beasley died in 1992 at the ripe old age of 14.

Three dogs were used in the film
Three French mastiffs were cast in the film. Beasley was the primary actor to play Hooch, while the other two dogs were occasionally used for certain stunts and far-away shots.

The makers of Toy Story used a line from Hooch in their test animation
When the makers of Toy Story were courting Tom Hanks to take on the voice of Woody the Cowboy, they decided to animate Woody to a scene from Turner and Hooch. They animated Woody using lines from the film, including the line where Turner tells Hooch not to eat his car. Hanks reportedly saw the test footage and immediately accepted the role.

Beasley was too strong for Tom Hanks
French mastiffs are well known for their immense strength, and Tom Hanks often couldn’t keep up with his furry co-star. Scenes where Turner was walking Hooch often took multiple takes to get right, and Hanks would often drop the leash as the takes piled up because of Beasley’s strength.

Hanks was really crying during the death scene
The famous death scene brought many audiences to tears, and Hanks later admitted that he used his real-life bond with Beasley to get himself to cry during the scene.


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Darryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

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AMC’s The Walking Dead is a massive hit the world over. Its wide variety of characters and strong cast members give the show a depth that might not be expected from a show about killing zombies.  Believe me, they kill a lot of zombies on this show but there is a lot more to it.

The characters are what make a show unique, interesting and watchable over the course of time.  The Walking Dead has a set of fantastic character with which audiences and the show’s own writers can sink their teeth into.  One of the main stars of the show, Darryl Dixon, is played by actor Norman Reedus.  The younger brother of another character on the show, Merle, Darryl is a Southern boy and proud of it.  He’s quieter and overall nicer than his overbearing older brother, but you know he is also a product of his environment.

walkingdeaddarylmerleDarryl’s character changes a great deal over the course of the show’s seasons.  At the beginning he is a mean cuss with a short temper but the guy has skills, especially with his gnarly cross bow and the group tolerates him.  When his brother Merle is trapped on the roof of a store by Rick, Darryl is ticked off something fierce but he eventually comes around, as if his proximity to good natured people and not his brother began to rub off on him.

He soon becomes Rick’s right hand man and the group relies on him for not only his prowess at killing zombies but also his leadership and ability to plan their next move.  He becomes a valuable asset to the group and when Merle returns in season 3, Darryl’s loyalties are put to the test.  Does he choose his brother over a bunch of strangers, even though the strangers have become closer and more important than his family ever could in the real world?

Because of his time spent with Rick’s group, Darryl began to see the world differently.  He began to realize that people are generally good and that it is up to men of action like him to protect and defend them.  He also begins to see what a scum bag Merle is and even though he chose Merle initially, Darryl does the right thing and goes back to where he belongs, with Rick and the others. Hop over here to sign up for Time Warner Cable so that you can watch all the future episodes.

Star Wars Movie Timeline Infographic

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Saturday Night Live

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Will the long running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live ever die?  I often ask myself this as the years go by and the show is still on the air.  Closing in on 40 seasons and almost 800 live broadcasts, SNL seems to be finding new life.  It is a pretty miraculous feat.

The ups and downs from this legendary show are… legendary.  I mean, really, every few years the show seems to reinvent itself with an entirely new cast and it keeps on keeping on.  It’s like a runaway freight train, unstoppable even when left for dead.  I’ve given up on it myself several times, only to get pulled back in.

Sketch comedy is tough.  The writers and actors have to improvise and keep thing fresh and perhaps that is what makes SNL work so well over the years.  The older generation of actors, like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, et al, move on to feature film success and then make way for another generation of cast members.

People thought the show was over when that first batch of great comedians left.  How can you replace John Belushi?  Seems impossible but the 80’s paved way for the 90’s and great talent like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, on and on they inject fresh blood into the show and it was off and running again for another generation.

Will Farrell kept the show going after this and has gone on to star in many successful movies.  And speaking of which, many of the greatest comedy films of all time have been spawned by either characters created on the show, like Wayne’s World, or from major cast members like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters, arguably the best franchise to ever be made by former SNL members.

Don’t forget The Blues Brothers either, a fantastic musical comedy, inspired by SNL characters.  And here is another reason for its longevity, the musical acts that performed live on SNL.  Every band and solo artist imaginable has played SNL.  Music and Saturday Night Live have long gone hand in hand for decades and here’s to hoping for decades more.

Star Trek: The Original Series

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When I was a kid, no one had to add the caveat, The Original Series to Star Trek.  It was simply Star Trek.  In a way I miss those simpler days.  I’m happy that the franchise has climbed to such lofty heights but there was something very gratifying about the simplicity of having only one show and a few films to rave about.

I watched this show with my mom when I was younger and we always went to every film when it premiered at the theaters.  I think Wrath of Khan was the first movie I saw of the series but I had seen several episodes of the show before that.

Looking back and watching some episodes now it seems almost quant in comparison but Star Trek was a really progressive show at the time of its run.  It was late 60’s, tons of social change was happening, the Vietnam war was getting started… there was a lot going on.  And here comes this TV show about a bunch of humans (and Spock, the Vulcan) traveling through the far reaches of space having adventures.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a future with no poverty, racial equality and mankind’s exploration into unchartered space was revolutionary.  Instead of the dystopian view an author like Philip K. Dick expounded on with his novels, or the nightmare world of 1984, Star Trek offered a future filled with hope.

Humans develop technology that helps them travel the stars, defend themselves and allows communication over vast distances.  The transporter, being able to teleport from one location to another, was pretty mind-bending in the 60’s; and so was the hand held communicators, which we all have today.  It’s called a cell phone.  Crazy, isn’t it?

What I remember the most and what has made Star Trek so successful are the characters.  Everyone knows Spock.  Logical, emotionless, super intelligent, you could always count on Spock being Spock.  If regulations had to be adhered to, Spock was your man.  His cool, calculating abilities often saved The Enterprise and its crew.

Then we had his direct counterpart and one of the three “legs” of the Star Trek: TOS pillar, Doctor McCoy.  McCoy was all emotion, shouting and going on a tear about Spock’s lack of compassion.  McCoy care about people and this empathy often put him at odds with Spock’s dispassionate logic.

The head of this pillar was no doubt Captain James T. Kirk.  A man’s man, a ladies man, Kirk embodies the leader archetype better than any fictional character I can think of.  He would do anything for his crew, anything to save the ship, whatever it took to save the day.

This show spawned one of the most successful Science Fiction franchises in history and it is easy to see why.

DISH Network In California Offers Fantastic Packages

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You may already know about the extensive programming selections that Dish Network in California has to offer, but are you aware of their Bundled Service package that consists of home phone and Internet services as well? Dish Network’s Bundled packages provide valuable monthly discounts to meet your budget demands while enhancing the scope of your home entertainment amenities. Get all the details about DISH TV in California at www.homedirector.net/California-dish-network-deals.html

The Hopper is the latest in Media Technology 

The Hopper is Dish Network’s next big thing. It’s an innovative HD-DVR device that can record as many as 250 various HD content and 2,000 hours of normal definition content. Other appealing features of the Hopper include:

- Showing up to four different TV shows on four different TVs simultaneously
- Allows you to skip annoying commercials
- Helps you locate your misplaced remote control
- Provides more than enough storage to accommodate your entire family’s media favorites
- May be used in conjunction with Dish Anywhere service

Dish Anywhere Service 

Dish Anywhere Service provides many features such as On Demand selections, recorded programming, and remote access to all your live channels. Additionally, it allows you to access your favorite TV shows and movies no matter where you are be it at home, work, or even the park.

Dish TV Programming 

Dish TV Programming gives you access to as many as six different packages with numerous channels. You may choose to select either International or American programming. Also, leisurely watch from any of the thousands of Pay Per View or On Demand selections that are available to you. Dish Network TV additionally offers HD-DVR and DVR selections to please every member of your family.  All the current Dishnetwork CA offers can be found at http://www.homedirector.net/california-dish-network-offers.html.

Dish Network Satellite TV in California provides superior home phone and high-speed Internet services. Save money and stretch your budget by using Dish Network’s Bundling services along with convenient online bill paying to save your time as well. Simply sign on using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and quickly access your programming package whenever and wherever you choose.

The Best Charter Cable Deals Are Right Here!

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Making more people satisfied at home, Charter Cable Bundles are a collection of home services that experts have designed to make people satisfied with technology.  All too often technology is so inefficient that using it is more work than it is worth, and if you have to use it frustration is a common occurrence. With Charter Internet, Charter TV in HD, and Charter Phone Unlimited you can enjoy the fastest and most personal home service entertainment in the world, all for a killer price! You can get the best Charter Communications deals at www.CharterCableTVOnline.info/Charter-Communications-Packages-.html.

Whether you want the fastest internet that technology has to offer or simply want the basics, Charter Internet has a package for absolutely everyone.  If you want to surf the web and upload pictures and smaller files quickly then Lite and Express are your best bets.  In ascending order of speed and ability, Charter Communications also offers Plus, Max, and Ultra 60!  With these three levels of internet superiority you can enjoy the Charters famous PowerBoost feature for extra fast downloading of the worlds largest files in only minutes.

With Charter Internet you not only get super fast speeds but a super accessible service with wireless that always spans the length of your household and the ability to service up to four people simultaneously with tons of broadband included!  The perfect feature for large households, everyone can get online in their personal space and on their personal schedule without hindering others’ ability to do the same.

Stop clogging up your email accounts and overloading them with junk mail!  Up to 10 personal email accounts can be taken advantage of by the entire family so that you get more room for your emailing needs.  Along with email comes a security package that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars out of your pocket! Yet another reason to order Charter Internet, enjoy total safety with these programs.  You will never even have to upgrade or buy new ones as they regularly update themselves!

The selections from Charter TV in HD are a dime a dozen with a plethora of network shows, sports networks, educational networks, sitcoms, kids shows, movies, and so much more.  There are a huge selection of programming tools that have even more options with things like Pay-Per-View, Premiums On Demand, Movies On Demand, and more! Get more details about Charter TV over at http://www.chartercabletvonline.info/charter-digital-cable-TV-.html right now.

Save tons of time when you browse through the massive number of channels by taking advantage of the simple to use onscreen guide that is the most intuitive controller invented!  This guide will help you navigate through the plethora of channels and programming features easily so that you do not waste any minutes on time spent wandering through channel selections.

The DVR included makes for extra ease when it comes to taking control over how and when you watch television.  Whether you are coming home from work, school, or just want to watch something at the last minute you will be able to access hours of pre-recorded material that you have personally selected from your DVR. Without sacrificing HD quality, it does not get better than this!

A massive selection of channels is incorporated with Charter TV in HD, many of which are in High Definition for your personal enjoyment!  Many of these channels even come with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.  The latest addition to the ultimate home entertainment system, your viewing experience in your living room can now be transformed into a full-fledged cinematic experience!

While you are soaking up the best in television you can quench your appetite for communication and the best conversations with Charter Phone In-State.  This is the telephone service everyone has been raving about with the only unlimited calling plan that reaches to everywhere in the U.S. , Canada, and also Puerto Rico! Unlimited means no restrictions so that you can call at any hour of the day or night, seven days a week.  When you get those unexpected calls from old friends and family members, enjoy talking to them without cutting the conversation short because you are worried about paying too much in overage fees!

Charter phone is packed with some of the best calling plans.  With things like selective call acceptance and call forwarding selective you can narrow down which numbers you never want to miss and which you never want to take so that you only get the calls you want!  Other features include the basics like caller ID, call waiting, call screening, and many others.

Charter Communications Bundles are a unique experience for the whole family, and when you unify them they are cheaper than ever! Stop wasting money and start saving while enjoying a higher quality of life, only with Charter Communications.

Time Warner Cable Offers Fantastic Package Deals

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Have you been thinking of moving up to Time Warner Cable? With so many providers, it can get confusing as to which one has the best services for the best price. When people think of the ideal home entertainment provider, most people want quality services, affordable prices and a professional customer care.

Time Warner Cable meets all of these requirements and more with their digital cable TV, broadband internet and digital phone services. Find details at Cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com/Time-Warner-Cable-Deals-.html.

Time Warner Cable has over 275 channels to choose from, with several programming packages for families to choose from. These channels come in digital quality and high definition, with a wide variety of programming to suit the specific entertainment needs of the individuals in the family. These channel packages come with American programming or International programming for Spanish and Hispanic households, making sure everyone can see their programming in their native languages.

These programming packages also come with digital features like On Demand. On Demand is a digital library that has thousands of viewing selections to choose from, including prime-time shows from popular networks, music videos, children’s programming, sports shows and more. On Demand also offers instant access to newly released movies that can entertain the family for hours in the comfort and privacy of the family home, without the theater prices and long lines.

Time Warner Cable TV also offers spectacular live events with their Pay Per View selection. Pay Per View broadcasts live action events from locations found all over the world. These live events make it easy to get programming that is exciting and comfortably priced, offering front row seats to live UFC fights, live boxing and wrestling matches and live programming from all sorts of music, comedy and sporting events. This programming makes it even easier to get the latest action, delivered right to the home.

These selections are great, but they are made even better with the DVR. A DVR is a digital video recorder that can record and store programming for viewers to watch it when they are able. This allows families to get their programming on their time. The DVR is able to record programming on up to five channels at one time, making it possible for everyone in the house to get the programming they want, when they want it. The DVR also makes it possible to rewind, fast forward and pause live events and On Demand selections so that the viewer has complete control over the programming he or she is watching at that time. With this feature, everyone has control and complete satisfaction over the programming on the TV.

All of this programming is great, but Time Warner Cable TV makes sure it stays family-friendly with their Parental Controls. These Controls are the tool parents need to get adult programming without exposing their children to it. These Parental Controls can be used to block programming on the DVR and on the regular programming channel.

Another great feature offered by Time Warner Cable is the Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service, allowing customers to pay less and enjoy their calls more. This service offers unlimited local and long distance calling to any location in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, offering a wide calling area that can help any family stay connected. This service also offers calling features like Caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, three way calling and other features that make life easier for everyone. These features and calling areas are a necessary tool to keep everyone in touch.

Time Warner Cable also offers a high-speed online service. Their Time Warner Cable Internet service is broadband and can provide all the speed that is necessary for getting large downloads quickly. This means the entire family can get their music, HD movies, online games and videos while enjoying the surfing and networking capabilities of broadband. This service also comes with online security software that Time Warner Cable Internet provides at no additional cost.

This security service helps protect the family and the computer by safeguarding against identity theft, popups, spyware and viruses. Everything the family needs to surf, shop, network and download are provided in one service, through one provider. Find out more about Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet at Cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com/time-warner-cable-internet-providers-.html

Time Warner Cable wants to make it convenient to offer all of these necessary services to their customers. They do this with the Time Warner Cable Triple Play Bundles, providing three quality digital services in one monthly bill.