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Which TV Streaming Service Is Best For You?

By now society has become pretty acclimated to the concept of TV streaming services. They exist in abundance and come in different formats, offer different prices, and different content. Whether you like movies, sports, or new TV episodes, all of these issues are relevant and will factor into the service that you ultimately choose. In many ways the fact that each online video service is unique is very good, as it gives you the chance to find something that genuinely caters to your interests and needs.

Once most Americans looked at the cable and satellite packages and weighed issues like availability, channel selection/content, and price. Now in the age of online streaming we still do much the same.

Of course, with a big selection also comes a lot of work and time comparing content and costs. It can be hard to come to a decision, and your home’s entertainment is no small issue. This article will break it all down for you in an easy manner so that comparing is an easy task. All you have to do is remember what you like and what’s important to you, and that should lead you to the right answer.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service best for you

For part of the Prime subscription you can get Instant Video for $99 a year. If you would prefer just to receive the Instant Video part of things, the service costs about $8 a month. Which plan you pick really just depends on if you could use a Prime membership for other things, like purchases on merchandise. Prime offers some good deals and savings for people who buy a lot from Amazon.

There are tons of titles to choose from on Amazon but many of them still cost money even with the subscription. Still, Amazon has a selection of available content and, of course, their original series. Some of the top titles include The Man in the High Castle, Red Oaks, and Transparent. They also feature some CBS and HBO programing.

CBS All Access

CBS all acces has some of the biggest classics collection ever

If you know of the shows on CBS and you love them, then you may want CBS All Access. You will be able to enjoy those classics like Taxi and Cheers along with more recent programming like Mom and The Good Wife. Even Star Trek will be coming unto the scene in 2017.

CBS All Access is about $6 a month and features over 7500 on-demand episodes straight from the CBS network. Unfortunately they don’t have Thursday Night Football games on live-stream.


HBO Now Could Change TV Forever

You will get all of the content and perks of HBO without an expensive cable subscription. HBO Now goes for $15 a month. You will be able to enjoy new episodes of modern shows like Game of Thrones as well as entire seasons of classic programs. There are also hundreds of movies which rotate on a regular basis.

HBO Now also has unlimited password sharing which is pretty cool. If you like HBO but you aren’t

crazy about the other channels on television it is a good way to go.


Showtime streaming television app available

There is a lot to enjoy from Showtime, including live boxing bouts and hundreds of movie titles. They feature older and more recent shows including The Affair, Homelana, Dexter, and Weeds. Although Showtime is $11 a month if you have a Hulu subscription you can get a discount. On the downside the service lacks a bigger library of acclaimed originals and HBO Now has more quality movies in their library.

Hulu Plus

Streaming hulu original shows difficult people

One of the biggest hooks that Hulu offers is next-day TV. They have a pretty big library of shows which you can enjoy very soon after they air. If you want to talk to family or friends about the latest episode of some hot TV show this is a big advantage.

A few attractive programs available from Hulu include South Park, Seinfela, Empire, and Casual. The pricetag for Hulu Plus is around $8 a month and there are ads mixed in with the streaming content. If you hate ads they do have a $12 a month option which will be totally ad-free.


Stream netflix on your phone best streaming

It would be impossible to talk about TV streaming services without the mention of Netflix. Netflix is most famous for their movie selection, which is better than most other streaming services. A lot of great shows can be received on Netflix, including Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and movies like The Ridiculous and Beasts of No Nation. There are also the very widely liked originals, like Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and Master of None.

Netflix offers an option to stream in ultra HD and many of their titles are also available on DVD to mail. The price for Netflix starts around $8 a month and goes up from there if you want more access.

PlayStation Vue

Streaming PlayStation vue movies live tv video television

If you have a PlayStation console and you live in one of the major markets where PlayStation Vue is available, then you could qualify for the service. The unfortunate part of things is that it has a relatively restricted and limited availability. If you live in San Fransisco, New York, LA, or any of the other four markets, you are in luck.

PlayStation Vue boasts over 59 channels, both live and recorded television. Some of the networks include Bravo, Cartoon Network, AMC, and many others. The rates begin at about $50 a month. If you want local sports they will cost another $10 a month, or $20 if you want college sports and cable nets.

Aside from the content you receive you will also be able to enjoy unlimited storage for recorded programs and live streaming for many networks.

Sling TV

Sling TV updates from CES 2016

Also similar to Cable is Sling TV, which offers over 20 traditional cable and online video networks. Among the selection is Disney Channel, AMC, and ESPN. Commercials are included. The standard price is $20 a month and you get about a dozen networks. If you want more programming you can add on HBO, children’s entertainment, and sports for a small additional cost. 

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Saturday Night Live

Will the long running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live ever die?  I often ask myself this as the years go by and the show is still on the air.  Closing in on 40 seasons and almost 800 live broadcasts, SNL seems to be finding new life.  It is a pretty miraculous feat.


The ups and downs from this legendary show are… legendary.  I mean, really, every few years the show seems to reinvent itself with an entirely new cast and it keeps on keeping on.  It’s like a runaway freight train, unstoppable even when left for dead.  I’ve given up on it myself several times, only to get pulled back in.

Sketch comedy is tough.  The writers and actors have to improvise and keep thing fresh and perhaps that is what makes SNL work so well over the years.  The older generation of actors, like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, et al, move on to feature film success and then make way for another generation of cast members.


People thought the show was over when that first batch of great comedians left.  How can you replace John Belushi?  Seems impossible but the 80’s paved way for the 90’s and great talent like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, on and on they inject fresh blood into the show and it was off and running again for another generation.

Will Farrell kept the show going after this and has gone on to star in many successful movies.  And speaking of which, many of the greatest comedy films of all time have been spawned by either characters created on the show, like Wayne’s World, or from major cast members like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters, arguably the best franchise to ever be made by former SNL members.


Don’t forget The Blues Brothers either, a fantastic musical comedy, inspired by SNL characters.  And here is another reason for its longevity, the musical acts that performed live on SNL.  Every band and solo artist imaginable has played SNL.  Music and Saturday Night Live have long gone hand in hand for decades and here’s to hoping for decades more.

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When I was a kid, no one had to add the caveat, The Original Series to Star Trek.  It was simply Star Trek.  In a way I miss those simpler days.  I’m happy that the franchise has climbed to such lofty heights but there was something very gratifying about the simplicity of having only one show and a few films to rave about.

I watched this show with my mom when I was younger and we always went to every film when it premiered at the theaters.  I think Wrath of Khan was the first movie I saw of the series but I had seen several episodes of the show before that.

Looking back and watching some episodes now it seems almost quant in comparison but Star Trek was a really progressive show at the time of its run.  It was late 60’s, tons of social change was happening, the Vietnam war was getting started… there was a lot going on.  And here comes this TV show about a bunch of humans (and Spock, the Vulcan) traveling through the far reaches of space having adventures.

Star Trek
Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a future with no poverty, racial equality and mankind’s exploration into unchartered space was revolutionary.  Instead of the dystopian view an author like Philip K. Dick expounded on with his novels, or the nightmare world of 1984, Star Trek offered a future filled with hope.

Humans develop technology that helps them travel the stars, defend themselves and allows communication over vast distances.  The transporter, being able to teleport from one location to another, was pretty mind-bending in the 60’s; and so was the hand held communicators, which we all have today.  It’s called a cell phone.  Crazy, isn’t it?

What I remember the most and what has made Star Trek so successful are the characters.  Everyone knows Spock.  Logical, emotionless, super intelligent, you could always count on Spock being Spock.  If regulations had to be adhered to, Spock was your man.  His cool, calculating abilities often saved The Enterprise and its crew.

Then we had his direct counterpart and one of the three “legs” of the Star Trek: TOS pillar, Doctor McCoy.  McCoy was all emotion, shouting and going on a tear about Spock’s lack of compassion.  McCoy care about people and this empathy often put him at odds with Spock’s dispassionate logic.


The head of this pillar was no doubt Captain James T. Kirk.  A man’s man, a ladies man, Kirk embodies the leader archetype better than any fictional character I can think of.  He would do anything for his crew, anything to save the ship, whatever it took to save the day.

This show spawned one of the most successful Science Fiction franchises in history and it is easy to see why.