TV Service

DISH Network Versus the Competitors

If you’re stuck between satellite or cable, ask anyone who has made the switch and they will tell you without a doubt that satellite is more convenient and offers better service without the need for cables! Almost anyone can receive satellite TV, all you need to do is mount a DISH. It’s ideal for renters, too, as you don’t have to drill holes or run cables at all thanks to DISH’s wireless offerings!


If you’re still wondering whether cable is better than satellite, keep in mind that satellite TV is brought to you directly from space! The signal is uninterrupted and there’s no need for cables. Unlike cable TV which requires a company to service your area, satellite TV can be received even in remote places as long as you can mount a DISH to face the right direction!

Once you’ve realized that satellite is the way to go, you also need to realize the DISH has the best offerings in the industry. Versus their competitors, DISH beats every company with ease. Alongside their innovative technology, great customer service, and convenient setup, DISH also has a great variety of packages that can fit in any budget and take care of any household’s interests.


DirecTV is nothing compared to DISH’s great services. DISH has a variety of offerings that far exceed the service of DirecTV  With over 14 million subscribers, DISH has learned that affordable prices, great service, and a strong customer support team is what it takes to succeed in the industry. And they do it all perfectly!

If you’re on a budget or simply in to saving money, DISH will get you a great deal with a huge selection of channels. If you subscribe to their America’s Top 120 package, you’ll get a two years of HD programming for free. That’s not all, any package above the level of the SmartPack will also score you a free Hopper upgrade. The Hopper is an unrivaled DVR only offered by DISH, and it allows you to record up to 2,000 hours of television!


If you’re on the go, you can even bring DISH with you when you install the free DISH Anywhere app. You can easily transfer shows and movies recorded on your DVR to your Apple or Android device to take with you anywhere. Plus, you don’t even need internet to watch! This means you can catch up on your favorite shows as your travel and it’s a great source of entertainment for kids, especially on long road trips. Even better, you can fast forward through commercials of Prime Time television.


DISH Network offers great flexibility for all of their customers. No matter which package you choose, DISH will be able to get you a great deal. If it so happens that one of their packages doesn’t have enough sports networks or movie channels though, you can easily upgrade to include more for just a few bucks a month. This versatility is what makes DISH the leader of the satellite television industry! With DISH’s wireless capabilities, you’re able to add additional televisions in your home without the need to drill any holes or add cables. DISH’s built-in WiFi also means you can stream to your laptop easily and you can watch shows, movies, and listen to music without distributing the house by using headphones.

DISH’s innovative offerings can’t be found with any other competitor, and especially not with any cable TV company. Most excitingly, almost all of the packages offered by Dishnetwork come with free upgrades and hundreds of channels. The variety of options means that DISH allows you and your family to easily find shows and movies to enjoy, and you can take them with you anywhere, even if you don’t have internet!


DISH has far outdone both cable television services and other satellite TV companies. By constantly adding new technology, like the awesome Hopper upgrades, DISH has continuously pleased their current customers and won over thousands more. You can trust that DISH offers the best service in the industry and you can get it at the best possible price.

With DISHTV  you can start with any package and easily upgrade later on or add on additional channels if you so please. DISH also gives you great deals with every one of their plans, and saves you more money with their free upgrades. If you haven’t tried DISH yet, they always have deals going on to help new subscribers save. If you sign-up now at America’s Top 120 package or higher, you’ll get a free Hopper upgrade, a free two years of HD programming, and more!

DISH Network satellite television is unrivaled in the industry, and it’s clear why. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that every customer is happy.