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When Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival Will Take Place

The Gilmore Girls revival was directed and written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, alongside her husband Daniel Palladino. Amy also happens to be the series creator, so it is only suitable that she would have a major role in the revival. The new season will consist of four episodes or “movies” that last 90 minutes. Each will represent one of the four seasons and it will explore the lives of Rory and her mother Lorelai who live in the quaint town of Stars Hollow. To drive this point home, the revival itself is named Seasons—and each episode is named after a season of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

This news came through Netflix in October, so facts about the revival have been accumulating as the anticipation builds. Many fans of the series even considered the announcement as something of an “early Christmas present.” On the other hand, however, a revival of Gilmore Girls has been very big news but it has also been somewhat expected—due to the fact that for almost a decade there has been some talk about a revival. Now that moment has finally come, and most Gilmore Girls fans are thrilled, especially since an entire season is underway.

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There are plenty of pictures to see online which give you a glimpse of the Gilmore Girls set—both external and internal. Sherman-Palladino has talked about the upcoming season and given fans tidbits and teasers about the show. Here are some of the facts we now know regarding the Gilmore Girls revival.

First of all, ET has already visited the set of the recreated fictional town which can be found on the Warner Bros lot. It has therefor been discovered that some Stars Hollow stores and establishments (such as Luke’s Diner) will be just the slightest bit smaller than the originals were.

Aside from Rory and Lorelai Gilmore there are a number of great Stars Hollow residents who will be appearing in the revival, including the sassy Emily and Rory’s major love interests, along with many others. As a matter of fact, just about everyone from the original episodes will be returning to the screen. The actors are also quite excited for the comeback—as can be seen on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. They may be almost as enthusiastic as the fans of the show, and several of them have been seen in some interesting and compelling interviews.

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Apart from some of fans’ favorite faces, there will also be some new names in Stars Hollow, such as: Sutton Foster and Mae Whitman. Some fresh blood will likely be quite exciting, and it might help to make up for some of the familiar characters that won’t be seen in the revival. We certainly won’t be seeing Richard Gilmore in the upcoming season due to the fact that Edward Herrmann tragically passed away in 2014. At first it also looked like we wouldn’t be seeing Melissa McCarthy, but recently news changed and it looks like she will be rejoining the cast. For the most part things look promising for the Gilmore Girls revival, and fans couldn’t be more pumped up.